At PBE we have an extensive range of classes for preschool to adult and beginner to experienced.

Our standard classes introduce aspiring dancers to the basics of dance, drama and creative movement. The classes are fun and energetic and exams, competitions and performances are optional. These classes include Mummy & Me, Adventure Time and Tutu Time for preschoolers.

Our performance classes include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Contemporary with exams, competitions and performances. Previous experience and teacher assessment is required. Students must undertake a minimum of two classes per week plus additional classes as necessary to reach competition standard.

All of our classes are conducted in a warm and supportive learning environment by our very talented staff and are designed to inspire the love of creative expression through performance and dance. For more details please call us on 0421 574 659 or email

Class Descriptions

Classical Ballet Program - All levels

Structured classical ballet classes taught using Cecchetti Ballet Australia, Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD) training methods. Classes are designed to give students a strong basic technique with a full vocabulary of movement and exercises for the development of strength, balance, poise and elevation. Exams are available and offered at each level with gradual build up through the grades. Exams are optional, but encouraged.

Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Lyrical

Specialist teachers provide students with high-level technical training that is designed to build strength and fluidity of movement and enhance individual artistry and creativity. Exams are available in Jazz, Tap and Contemporary.

Junior Drama

Young children love structured play! Junior Drama introduces children to imaginative play, simple character work and the basic elements of performing with the body and voice for an audience. Games and simple acting exercises build confidence and co-operative skills in an atmosphere of fun and self-disciplined play. We give shy kids the confidence to speak in front of others; we teach chatterboxes there are times to be quiet and listen to others.

Senior Drama

A strong focus on building confidence through role play, drama games, activities and performance skills. Students develop confidence in group co-operation and creative problem-solving, imagination, and graduated exploration of role play in groups and individually. Includes script work, voice work, mime, mask, improvisation and character work.


Acrobatics classes for juniors and seniors focus on building strength, flexibility and body conditioning along with basic acrobatic and tumbling skills. Inspiration is gained from circle and team work and acroyoga.

Mummy & Me

An introduction to music and movement for babies aged 2 - 3 years aimed at developing body awareness and musical appreciation. Exploring basic movement, children gradually build independence and have the confidence to express themselves freely. Parents and carers are encouraged to join in and participate.

Adventure Time

Imaginative play dance for children over 3 years of age exploring a range of movement styles that are linked together in different themes including basics such as turn-taking and follow the leader.

Tutu Time

An introduction to ballet for children over 3 years of age including basic movements, at the barre, travelling steps, centre work and creative self-expressive improvisation.